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Hitachi Elevator starts escalators and elevators installation of Kunming's Metro Line 4 for ensuring operation trial in 2020

2019-05-14 17:07 Hitachi News

Hitachi Elevator recently started installation of escalators and elevators for Kunming's Metro Line 4 after winning a bid owned 187 units and its services which includes  155 escalators and 32 elevators.

Running across the  whole Kunming city from northwest to southeast as well as to Chenggong New District. Also, metro Line 4 is a new route connecting the major industrial areas located within the city. From Dayangtian to Bailongtan, the line is approx. 43.5 km in length and will have 29 stations with a designated transportation capacity of 20,200 passengers per hour.

To date, 25 of the 29 stations and 44 of the 60 single line shield barriers have been completed. With completion of the tunnel, rail and electricity components of the project scheduled for the end of this year, the line is scheduled to commence trial operation on June 30, 2019.

Hitachi Elevator has extensive experience in serving rail transit projects as the company has supplied nearly 7,000 escalators and elevators in the metro stations within 22 major Chinese cities, including Changsha, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan (as of May 2019). Kunming's Metro Line 4 is the first rail transit project the company has won in the city. At the mobilization meeting for the project held in March, the local government expressed some concerns as to whether the project would be completed in time. Hitachi Elevator promised to install the escalators and elevators for the project on time with high quality.

Hitachi Elevator, as part of the company's efforts to promote the construction of new smart cities, has been committed to developing products and solutions for metros, train stations, airports and infrastructure projects for enhancing public transportation services and improving the  life quality. The company plans to create a better future for China's urban infrastructure by providing intelligent products as well as powerful big data networks for escalators and elevators. 

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