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Policies of Personal Information Protection

Definition of Personal Information

For Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hitachi Elevator" for short), "Personal Information" refers to information related to existing individuals, that can be used to identify a particular individual. For example, name, birthday, personal identification number, sign or any other mark, image or audio record, and other relevant information (including some information that is not identifiable when used separately, but can be easily referenced against other data and thus can identify information of a particular individual). Personal information includes not only individual identification information, but also all information that shows facts, judgments or evaluations, including personal health, financial status, and type of work or position, etc. Hitachi Elevator will pay sufficient attention to the following personal information protection policy, and make every effort to protect and manage that information.

Scope of Application

This document "About Personal Information Protection" defines how Hitachi Elevator handles customers' personal information.

Personal Information Protection Policy by Hitachi Elevator

1. Collecting, Using and Providing Personal Information

Considering customer information will be kept in the course of the company's activities, Hitachi Elevator (China) has established a personal information protection management system for each business, and has complied with applicable rules and regulations for the collection, use and provision of personal information, to properly handle such information properly.

2. Complying with Applicable Laws and Regulations

In dealing with personal information, Hitachi Elevator (China) will abide by applicable laws and regulations, in respect to protection of personal information. Hitachi Elevator (China) will also establish corporate personal information management regulations consistent with applicable laws and regulations and implement them thoroughly.

3. Implementing Security Measures

In order to ensure the correctness and security of personal information, Hitachi Elevator (China) will manage the transfer of personal information, restrict channels of personal information transmission, and prevent improper transfer from outside, etc., and make efforts to avoid information loss, destruction, tampering or disclosure, or any issue related to personal information, according to the applicable information security regulations.

4. Respecting the Rights of Owners of Information

Hitachi Elevator will respect the rights of the owner of the information and give him/her a bona fide correspondence when he/she requests disclosure, correction or deletion of his/her own information, or requests to refuse the use or provision of his/her information.

5. Developing and Improving Personal Information Protection Regulations

Hitachi Elevator will enable management and ordinary employees to recognize the importance of personal information protection and develop and conscientiously implement personal information regulations to ensure proper use and protection of personal information. These regulations will be implemented firmly and constantly improved.

Purpose of Using Personal Information and Provision of Information to Third Party

1. Hitachi Elevator (China) will use personal information for the purpose of achieving the following purposes only within the necessary scope in relation to the main business activities related to the manufacturing of its motor mechanical devices, information communication mechanical devices and electronic components, information services, etc. Due to the diversification of the operation activities of Hitachi Elevator (China), it is also recommended that you browse relevant instructions on each department's website, as well.

a) Performing a contract between the customer and Hitachi Elevator

b) Contacting the customer for negotiations or meetings

c) Providing after-sales services for products

d) Delivering meeting guides or new product guides

e) Providing all manner of membership services

f) Carrying out stock-related work

g) Responding to various consultancies

h) Conducting customer surveys and analyzing them to improve products or services

i) Providing relevant personal information for the Hitachi Group (China)'s subsidiaries when Hitachi Elevator cooperates with them in certain business activities.

2. Hitachi Elevator (China) will not provide the personal information of any customer to any third party without his/her approval, except in the following cases:

a) Under (or without breaking) applicable laws and regulations;

b) When it is necessary to use for the purpose of protecting life, preventing personal injury or protecting property, and at the same time it is difficult to obtain consent of the customer;

c) When there is a strong need for use for the purpose of improving public health conditions or for the healthy development of children, and at the same time it is difficult to obtain consent of the customer;

d) When there is a need to cooperate with legal work carried out by a national government agency , local government organization, or a unit commissioned by any of the above-mentioned units, and at the same time obtaining the content of the customer may hinder that work;

e) When Hitachi Elevator is entrusted to process personal information to the extent necessary to accomplish the purpose of use;

f) When it is necessary to provide personal information in order to carry out business in case of the occurrence of any event in relation to business (such as merger).

3. According to the need of Hitachi Elevator (China) to cooperate with subsidiaries of Hitachi Group to carry out business activities, Hitachi Elevator (China) will provide customers' personal information (such as name, work address, home address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address, etc.) by written or electronic means. A customer may ask Hitachi Elevator (China) to stop offering his/her personal information to Hitachi Elevator subsidiaries.

4. When customer contacts Hitachi Elevator (China) by telephone, the conversation will be recorded in order to ensure an accurate answer.

About Use of Cookies and Web Beacons

To facilitate customers using the website of Hitachi Elevator, part of the website may use cookie*1 or a web beacon (Clear GIF)*2.

By changing the settings of your web browser, customers can refuse to accept cookies, or let browsers send warnings when accepting cookies. For more information, see your web browser instructions. Customers may also refuse network beacons while refusing cookies.

However, after refusing cookies, you may not be able to use all, or part of, the services provided by Hitachi Elevator (China) website.

Definition of Terms

1. Cookie

Cookies refer to information that is communicated to each computer between a web server managing a website and a client's web browser. Cookies are stored on your disk as files by the client's computer.

When a cookie is used, the network server will record relevant information, for example, which computer has accessed which pages on the website. However, as long as the customers do not put personal information onto the website, the Company cannot lock or identify specific customers.

2. Web Beacon

This technology is used in conjunction with cookies to record the frequency a customer has logged onto a particular page. However, as long as customers do not enter their personal information when accepting cookies, the company cannot lock or identify specific customers.

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