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Enterprise Culture

For more than twenty years, Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. has created brilliant operating performance with the concentrated efforts of all our staff, and also gave birth to an excellent corporate culture.

Make Progress Everyday and Strive for Excellence

Corporation Culture Declaration

Make Progress Everyday and Strive for Excellence "
Corporation Culture Declaration

According to our understanding, this is the declaration or proposition from the corporation, or the basic position and attitude towards major issues

Our corporation culture declaration: "Make progress everyday and strive for excellence". "Making progress everyday" is the action of striving for excellence, and "excellence" is the measurement standard of the striving. The basic connotation: We should keep a learning and creating attitude, and not be satisfied with past and present achievements, persist in making progress everyday, consistently innovate, strive for excellence, create excellent products, and provide the best services. We firmly believe that quality excellence is the door for corporate access to social trust and respect.

Enterprise Mission

Contribute to Society with Excellent Products and Services "
Enterprise Mission

The central idea of "Corporate Mission": Excellent products and service are the foundation of our sustainable development: we will use the core business as support, and create value for society, continuously.

Core Values

Integrity · Harmony · Pioneering · Win-Win"
Core Values

Integrity: We deliver good faith and act as a responsible corporation.


"Integrity" as the core value: we are required to be trustworthy in our work, abide by laws and regulations, treat everyone with good faith, be honest with each other and on every issue.

Harmony: We advocate teamwork, individuals and the organization should build a harmonious environment based on mutual respect.


"Harmony", as the core value: we are required to be good at receiving others opinions, respecting the personality of others, and not reject any opinion on account of the speaker or accounts of that person. An open discussion is to be carried out under the principle of fairness and justice, and once the decision is made, the spirit of the teamwork is to be brought into play to achieve our common goals.

Pioneering: We should maintain the spirit of making progress every day, keep innovating and surpassing ourselves.


 "Pioneering", as the core value: we are required to continue carrying forward the pioneering spirit of arduous struggle and innovation from the period of entrepreneurship, to maintain the fear of being surpassed by others, forge ahead and seize every minute.

Win-Win: We insist on win-win with shareholders, enterprises, employees, customers and society.


"Win-Win", as the core value: we are required to appreciate and share, be willing to sacrifice for each other, work together and grow together.

Corporate Vision

Innovate for Future Challenges
Be the Pioneer of the Industry "
Corporate Vision

The central idea of "corporate vision": we adhere to solving difficulties in innovation, create excellence by innovation, and be the pioneer of the industry in research and development, manufacturing, marketing, after-sales service, and so on.

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