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Installation Maintenance Modification Adding Elevators in Existing Buildings
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We have been taking the concept of high efficiency, security and carefulness to provide customers with professional service for elevator installation. On this basis, we put forward the service measures of "refined installation" and "smart installation", develop the industry-leading installation process and management mode, which greatly improve the effect of installation service.

Refined Installation

In providing the service of elevator installation, we establish "refined installation" management requirements and service measures. From the time before the elevator is delivered, our engineers and supervisors already prepare an exclusive installation plan based on customer's on-site situation. Each component of the elevator will be installed in accordance the established procedure. In addition, RFID technology is applied to all components to be installed; information on every link including warehousing-in, inventory, shipment, delivery, and etc. are traced. Engineers at the installation site can scan and confirm the bar code on the component, to make sure each elevator is factory-produced and factory-installed. At the same time, dozens of refined installation tools have become the standard configuration of the installation engineers. They assist the engineers in installation and debugging with "millimeter-level" accuracy, ensuring the elevator installation is more scientific and reasonable.

Smart Installation

ELECLOUD®Based on the cloud service center ELECLOUD, and supported by a mobile terminal, our installation service can realize command, control, communication, calculation, and supervision in a smart way, as well as, labor reducing, allowing the installation with higher efficiency and safer.

AN2 Installation Method

AN2 installation method is developed on the basis of "AN Method" which is developed by Hitachi Group. It is the unique elevator installation method by Hitachi elevator. It directly uses the car as temporary installation support, avoiding the traditional method where installation workers have to climb onto installation scaffolding, and reducing the risk of installation work. At the same time, with AN2 installation method, the car and track can be installed simultaneously, which greatly improves the installation efficiency, and only half the labor is required to complete the installation.

Hanging Basket Method

In order to ensure the ordered product is put into use with minimum equipment consumption, our team pioneers developed the third generation installation in the industry -- hanging basket installation method and has been used often. With the hanging basket installation method, hanging basket installation equipment is used, which simulates the car in the process of installing the elevator. It presents obvious effects on improving safety, achieving labor reducing and improving installation efficiency.

Segmented Installation Method

In the course of our service, we found that our customers often have the demands of segmented vertical transportation when the whole building is still in construction. For this purpose, we have developed a complete new installation method -- segmented installation method.
Taking Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center as an example, we applied this new method in the process of installing the elevator, which made the construction schedule completed 4.5 months in advance. The elevator installation schedule was reduced to 8.5 months which was planned for 10 months, and the temporary use period of the elevators is prolonged from 2 months to 8 months, to a large extent. Time resource of the building construction and elevator installation was fully utilized and was highly recognized by the customer.

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