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Public Traffic Escalators

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Public Traffic Escalators


In traffic-intensive places, such as metros, airports, railway stations and exhibition centers, Hitachi escalators for public traffic purposes are being widely used as an efficient solution. Based on the analysis of the factors, such as people flow and working conditions, etc., of places using escalators, Hitachi Escalators developed an optimal solution for passenger transportation.

Heavy-Duty and Durable

Large passenger flow volume and bad environments are the most important features of public traffic escalators. Our escalator products, with precision design and complete outdoor protection measures, meet heavy-duty application standards in various environment conditions, and take the leading position in performances of waterproof, dust proof, anti-corrosion, lightning protection and so on.

Modbus Smart Comm. System

Facing changeable escalator riding situations in those places with high passenger flow volume, our Modbus communication system can exchange real-time data with the environment and equipment monitoring system (BAS) on the track transit line. The BAS system will adjust the energy-saving scheme in real time, according to its detected escalator application information, so as to achieve network energy saving.

Energy Regeneration Technology

The energy regeneration technology of Hitachi public traffic escalators uses vector load technology to control the escalator running up, reducing power consumption, and meanwhile, converting the escalator running down kinetic energy into electric energy and then feeding back to the power grid for other equipment.

High-Performance Control System

Hitachi escalator control systems use advanced 32-bit microcomputer processors, and efficiently guarantee escalator operating safely by dual-core designed electronic security systems. The high integration and high performance of the control system guarantees the escalator has highly efficient operation to the maximum extent.

Value-Added Service with Software

Users using Hitachi public traffic escalators can choose Windows-based monitoring software. With such software, users can read the historical operation information and fault records of escalators.

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