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ITM Smart Security

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ITM Smart Security

As one of the basic units of people in urban life, a building contains the characteristics of private space and public environment. To balance the relationship between private and public space in complex social activities, the first thing to be solved is the security of public places.
For this purpose, we hope to provide quality building security management assistance to the building from the angle of the developer, property administrator and the user through research and developing the ITM smart security system (hereafter referred to as ITM).
ITM technology comes from Japan. For more than ten years since it was put onto the market, it has been widely popularized by its safety, stability and easy feeling, and is the residential security product leading the market share in Japans market.
ITM provides a number of security protection functions, such as safe elevator calling with IC card, visitor authorization by walkie-talkie, night guard operation, and visible intercom functions for buildings, and so on, and has been widely recognized by the market.

Safe Elevator Calling with IC Card

After the householder swipes the IC card, the elevator will come automatically, easily and comfortably; a double certificate, built in the car, improves the security level.

Visitor Authorization with Intercom

The visitor calls the household through the intercom, and while the household opens the door, the elevator comes down to the visitor, automatically, and opens the authorized floor to the visitor.

Night Guard Operation

When ladies and children ride the elevator at night, the elevator will not respond to a call from the outside; it will directly run to the destination floor to prevent any stranger from getting in.

Building Visible Intercom

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