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EMIEW robot

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EMIEW robot

EMIEW3 is an AI robot developed by Hitachi which can "coexist with humans" and engage in reception and guidance. It is equipped with a remote brain structure (robot IT substrate), which is composed of an operation monitoring system capable of monitoring multiple robots. In conjunction with intelligent systems for remote voice, image, and language processing capabilities, it can achieve higher level services for stores or public facilities.

High Activity Achieved on the Basis of Remote Brain

The cloud intelligent processing system allows EMIEW to recognize sounds, images, languages, etc. Through recognition of the environment from man-moved and network cameras, the robot can identify customers who need help and offer services actively. The sound and language processing technology allows the robot to recognize and translate human sounds even from a place with background noise.

Improving the Efficiency of Robot Services

The remote operating system monitors and controls multiple robots in different locations. EMIEW can share information with other robots of the same type to ensure smooth completion of services. In addition, the new EIEW also improves operational availability; when a failure occurs, recovery instructions can be retrieved from a remote location, and the service can be quickly rebuilt.

High Maneuverability in Response to Various Services

EMIEW,90cm tall and weighing 15kg, can move at its fastest speed up to 6km/h, and thus can adapt to the pace of human walking, and can overcome differences of 15mm on the ground when walking.

EMIEW3:"I hope I can become everyone's little helper in the future."


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