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Commercial Escalator

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Commercial Escalator


Hitachi escalators and moving sidewalks are developed based on the concept of safety, people-orientation and consideration. We provide convenient horizontal and inclined mobile services in daily and business environments, and build seamless traffic lines in buildings, together with vertical elevators. This is the three-dimensional life circle.

Fluorescent Yellow Safety Boundary

The fluorescent yellow safety boundary can guide passengers to stand within the escalator steps, subconsciously, and have a safe ride. We select the boundary color easy for all people to make a judgment, even in dark indoor light. The operation status of the escalator can be clearly distinguished, playing a visual safety guiding role when passengers use it unconsciously.

Millimeter-Level Safety Step Board

We observe passengers have a wide range of behaviors when they take the escalator, while some behaviors may cause being pinched, or falling down, etc. So we particularly develop the safety foot board with millimeter level. The patented design of 8.4mm safe tooth pitch and 8mm safe boundary efficiently prevent passengers from being pinched by the escalator; the safety convex platform with 0.5mm better prevents passengers from missing the step when they are moving their feet.

  • 8.4mm safety spacing 

  • 8mm safety boundary

  • 0.5mm safety boss

180mm Safety Height

On the design of the handrail entrance, in order to prevent children from being caught up in the gap of the escalator, we design and develop the handrail height of not less than 180mm, through careful study on different races, body heights, and riding habits. We believe that only if details are protected properly, accidents can be truly effectively eradicated.

Anti-Dropping Floor Board

The unique rectangular cover of Hitachi Elevators can prevent the accident of floor board falling off of side. Each cover is provided with a four-point balance-weight support and limit structure, and even when one end is stepped on, the other end will not warp or raise. More reassurance to get in and out of the escalator.

360° Security Protection

Hitachi possesses more than 30 security designs on escalators and moving sidewalks, which take care of the all around riding of passengers considerately. At the same time, we develop a pre-detection technology for detecting abnormal factors of escalator operation in advance. Before a fault occurs, we can learn and arrange engineers to solve it, to achieve "nipping in the bud".

3D Navigation System

In a busy place, the shuttling may affect individual passenger recognizing the escalator operation status. Hitachi escalators provide locally designed LED sources to increase guiding passengers in a three-dimensional manner. For example, ground guide light designed for "phubbing", devices such as comb teeth lighting, and step gap lighting, etc. can remind passengers to be careful of the forward moving path.

Data Cube

Hitachi escalators and moving sidewalks are provided with a database device with larger storage space -- "Data cube". It can store more than 3000 records of operation accidents for collecting escalator operation information over time, and feeding back to the big data system, Hitachi ELECLOUD, through which the information is analyzed and important reports on utility, components life and operation rule etc., are generated.

Free Remote Control System

Relying on Hitachi Elevator cloud service center, ELECLOUD, and the big data system, we carry out 24-hour real-time monitoring on more than 150,000 escalators through out the country, and construct an all-weather remote monitoring and troubleshooting platform for escalators, and provide more powerful information management and business support for after-sales.

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