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Moving Sidewalks

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Moving Sidewalks


Compared with escalators, moving sidewalks can carry passengers, and their luggage, with more flexibility ,and therefore are widely used in places with huge people flow volume such as airports, metros, docks, large exhibition centers, stadiums, and so on. Hitachi moving sidewalks guarantee safety, and also give super high loading capacity and flexible carrying methods into consideration. At the same time, we also provide unique after-sales service. We provide 24-hour remote monitoring systems on horizontal and inclined moving sidewalks, ensuring our product can serve every passenger well at any time.

Super-Wide Foot Board Design

Our super-wide foot board of 1400mm leads the industry and can allow two persons and their luggage moving in parallel simultaneously, which further optimizes the carrying capacity of the moving sidewalk.

High-Efficiency, Variable-Frequency and Energy-Saving

Hitachi moving sidewalks have a variety of operation modes, which efficiently save power for users by variable-frequency technology, and improve the energy efficiency utility of buildings. The moving sidewalk product using variable-frequency technology reduces energy consumption by 28% for users.

Technical Solutions for Safety

Hitachi moving sidewalk products have a number of leading technical solutions, guaranteeing passengers' safety all round from inside to outside, from hardware to software.

Pre-Diagnosis Function

With the configuration of the smart pre-diagnosis function, Hitachi big data system can make self diagnosis on key components at any time, identify potential factors and specific faults in advance, and inform the after-sales service centers and engineers, to arrange maintenance service in time.

Human-Based Design

In order to better fit the applications to various environments, and the diverse demands of passengers, our research and development team make careful studies on handrail, foot board, and guiding zones, etc., and transform them into practical and useful functions and configurations.

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